Welcome to Head Barbers

Here at Head Barbers, we pride ourselves in giving quality service to the everyday man in order to enable them to look and feel their best. From the moment you step into our shop, we want you to enjoy a proper male grooming service at an affordable price as we don’t want you to pay a premium price for it!

It’s definitely difficult to find somewhere that caters to male grooming services in such detail so let us to take care of you and promise a comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable experience- here at Head Barbers.

About Head Barbers

About Us Head Barbers has branches in Ireland, France, Lebanon and now is open here in South Wimbledone, London. Our motto for all our shops is the same- to give our clients quality service using premium products- only the best! Our new shop in Cork continues to follow this same motto!

We strive ourselves in being able to give a top quality service without the west end price tag through our services. We understand that by looking your best, you feel your best and therefore ensure that we do all that we can do to provide the best possible services to you. Read More

Services We Provide

List of Services provided by Head Barbers, London

  • Head Barbers Wedding Packages

    A special package for you on your big day. We ensure that you will have the very best look for the moment to cherish and life time to remember.

  • Head Barbers Signature Packages

    Head Barbers Signature Package has three different versions to ensure the best of the experience at our barbershop.

  • Hot Towel Shaves

    We are best in our hot towel treatments. We provide a quality smooth service with the best shave ever experienced.

  • Beard Styling & Hot Towels

    Being traditional gentleman's barber, we tailor your beard as per individual need. Beard styling is one of our main integral part of service.

  • Hair Treatments

    This is the area where we are the masters. Every individual has different hairs , so we talk with the hairs and get the best style as per the nature of the hair.

  • Hair Styling

    The best results are achieved at Head Barbers using the best tool and products. Lets Head Barber make your hair more stylish.